How I grow my audience 30% faster with (almost) no effort

Hey Reader,

A few months ago, I wrote an in-depth article about how I'm running two of Convertkit's most-recommended newsletters.

Convertkit is the email marketing tool I've been using and loving since 2020.

I wrote about my experience with the new Recommendation feature, published the article on Medium, and asked the Convertkit team if they'd like to share it with their community.

I knew the article was valuable and unique because I couldn't find the same information anywhere else and recommendations had a great impact on my own growth.

The Recommendation feature is a massive win-win: I grow my audience faster, make more money, and help my favorite creators gain more visibility.

Each recommendation feels like my very own Taylor and Jack moment from the Grammys:

To my pleasant surprise, the Convertkit team actually replied to my message asking if I'd be willing to share my experiences through an interview and case study, which went live this week (YAY 🎉):

I don't want to be too nerdy, but there are a few different lessons here:

  • 1️⃣ The best content you can create is based on your personal experience and perspective. I used recommendations for several months, realized there wasn't enough information about it, and wrote about my own experiences.
  • 2️⃣ Creating content and waiting for people to discover your work isn't enough. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile and put your work in front of the right audience. Even though I reach thousands of readers on Medium, the Convertkit Case Study is discovered by a totally different audience that I wouldn't have reached on my own.
  • 3️⃣ People will love to listen to your story if you have something genuinely useful or interesting to share. That's the only reason I was invited to share my experience with Convertkit's audience. I'm by far not their biggest or most important creator. There are newsletters that are hundreds of times larger than mine, but my story is relatable and useful to those who don't have a million subscribers yet.

Here's the link to the full Case Study again >>>

🎊 How to (Not) Ruin This Year

I was inspired to write myself a few reminders on how to (not) ruin 2024 earlier this week and figured I could as well share them with you - so here you go 👇

To end this email on a personal note, I'm thrilled to share that my partner Philip and I are hosting our very first Super Bowl party this weekend.

Alright, that's not 100% true - it's a Super Bowl/Taylor Swift party:

Well, okay, you got me - I couldn't care less about football.

I'm throwing the party so I can make more friendship bracelets and watch the Eras Tour one more time to memorize Taylor's every move before seeing her live this summer.

There you go - that's the last bit of advice I have for you if you're trying to grow an audience and income by sharing your message online: Be authentically you.

The internet is crowded and noisy, and the only way to stand out is by being you and showing up with your unique perspective, strengths, and weaknesses.

So.. do you have any food or drink recommendations for a European throwing her first Super Bowl party?! 🍔🍟🍿

I don't eat meat, so vegetarian/vegan options are extra welcome! 😄

Big love from my screen to yours,

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