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thank you ❤️

Published 6 months ago • 3 min read

Hey Reader,

It's been a while since I sent a regular newsletter like this one because I just wrapped up our biggest launch of the Medium Writing Academy ever.

I was offline for most of this year due to a cancer diagnosis in my family, and when we decided to offer the Medium Writing Academy Live Edition, I definitely didn't expect it to be our most successful launch.

I knew it'd work well because we've done it so often and have enough data, but the results were mind-blowing.

Medium Writing Academy is my baby - it's the signature program I've been offering for more than 3 years, and every live cohort has a special place in my heart, but with more than 90 students, we kicked off the biggest cohort to date.

So I wanted to say thank you. ❤️

Thank you for being part of this community and thank you for allowing me to show up in your inbox.

I don't take it for granted.

The online world is loud and confusing, and it's a privilege to share my passion with you (and hopefully support your journey through emails like this one).

Anyway, there are 2 quick things I wanted to share with you today:

Medium's October Roundup 🗓

Medium's VP of Communications recently released a roundup to summarize what happened on the platform last month.

I love this idea and hope it'll be an ongoing series. Here's what stood out to me:

There are two hidden messages in these numbers that I'd like to point out:

  • When you write on Medium, your stories are competing against a million other new stories each month. Here's what this means for you: You have to know how to stand out and get your work discovered. You can't just hit publish and hope for the best. Medium will only work for you if you know how to make it work.
  • Even though publications are one of the most powerful distribution tools for writers, less than 1% of last month's stories were published in publications. This shows that most writers don't understand how to leverage the most powerful tools and opportunities on Medium.

The Marketing Memo is live 🔴

Talking about publications..

Earlier this year, I became one of the editors for one of Medium's largest publications, Better Marketing.

After writing on the platform for five years, it was an exciting switch to take a look at a different side of the game.

I also joined the Boost Nomination Pilot as a nominator and have been able to nominate exceptional stories for a Boost for the past three months.

While my co-editors and I deeply enjoy the hands-on publication work we get to do, there's been a missing piece that we were excited about since we started editing: We wanted a newsletter.

In our first call with Tony Stubblebine (founder of Better Marketing & Medium CEO), he said: Why wouldn't this be the world's best marketing newsletter?

Well, if you think about it, there are a million challenges to building the world's best newsletter on any topic.

The fact that we're not getting paid to run the publication (or the newsletter) doesn't make it any easier.

And yet, we were excited to give it a shot.

So here we are, thrilled to announce that the first edition of The Marketing Memo went live this week.

The Marketing Memo is for:

  • (Corporate) Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses
  • And curious minds who want to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and strategies

Each week, we're sharing one specific deep dive/case study, a quick marketing tip you can use right away, and a (marketing) tool we used and loved.

You can read the first edition here.

The first place we check to find content for the newsletter is the Better Marketing publication, so if you're writing for us, this means you'll now have an even bigger chance to get your stories in front of more readers. 🥰 📨

That's it, Reader - you won't hear from me for the next few days because I hate being part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness. 😅

I hope you won't have to deal with too many "once in a lifetime" promotions and "90% off discounts" from sleazy marketers.

Save money on the things you wanted to buy anyway, but stay strong when you have to ignore manipulative marketing strategies - you got this. 💪

Big love from my screen to yours,

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