You increase your "luck surface area" by showing up online

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Hey Reader,

they say you know you're getting close to your 30s when your friends are all getting married or running marathons.

Well, two of my best friends are getting married tomorrow, another is doing the Ironman on Sunday, so I have a weekend full of big emotions ahead of me. 😄

But before I shut down my laptop, I wanted to share something with you.

In this newsletter, I often talk about how grateful I am for being able to do a job that I genuinely enjoy.

I get paid for learning, creating, writing, and teaching - some of my favorite activities!

Another aspect I mention less frequently is that my job allows me to connect with incredibly inspiring and talented people.

As the editor of Medium's largest marketing publication, I review dozens of articles each month.

I reject most of them because they don't meet our quality guidelines, but if I genuinely like someone's story, I'm excited to dive deeper and learn more about the author.

That was the case with a piece Sneha Saigal has published with us earlier this year.

Sneha is a PR expert and wrote about how to get featured in top tier outlets.

I loved the piece, nominated it for Boosting, and asked Sneha if she wanted to connect over a short call.

During the call, I realized she really knows her stuff, so I asked if she'd like to host a guest workshop for my private Mastermind, Write • Build • Scale since our members are always curious to learn about new opportunities to share their message with the world.

The workshop happened yesterday and even though the entire session was brilliant, I particularly loved one message Sneha shared at the end:

You increase your luck surface area by showing up online.

I love this idea so I dug a little deeper - click here to listen to my thoughts on YouTube >>>

Every piece of content you publish helps you grow your luck surface area because you're becoming more visible. 🔍

A prime example of this is my friend Zulie Rane, who recently started to work at Medium after being a heavy user of the platform since 2018.

She showed up for years to share what she knows and does and eventually increased her luck surface area by messaging the Medium CEO to share her interest in working for the company.

The beauty of this idea is that you don't have to chase virality or please algorithms.

When you put yourself out there regularly, you're growing your luck surface area, no matter if your content performs well or not.

Sure, it helps to get more eyeballs on your work because each view grows your luck surface area even further, but sometimes, you just need one person to see your work to make a change in your life or career.

Take this as your sign to step outside your comfort zone and expand your luck surface area this year, Reader. 🍀

As we're approaching the second half of 2024, I'm excited to make the most of the next 6 months by using the endless opportunities of the creator economy.

If this resonates with you, our Write • Build • Scale Membership might be a perfect fit to ensure you take the right steps over the next few months.

Reply to this email and tell me what your #1 goal is right now so we can chat about how we could support you. 👋

Big love from my screen to yours,

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