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Hey Reader,

In my last email, I told you that my best friends were getting married and another was about to complete the Ironman last weekend.

Attending both events made me realize one thing:

A strong support team is the most valuable thing you can have in life.

This is true when you're celebrating big milestones like graduating, getting married, or completing an Ironman, but it's also true when shit hits the fan and life sucks.

When my mum got diagnosed with cancer last year, I was grateful to everyone who asked how I was doing and if there was anything they could do for me.

Being a digital creator or writer, can feel lonely because you do all the work by yourself.

You write by yourself, build your email list, and monetize your work. You can do all of that without a team or colleagues.

But if I'm honest, doing things all by yourself sucks.

I'm lucky to be running a business together with my fiancé Philip because a 2-Person Business beats a 1-Person Business.

I was also lucky to connect with brilliant writers and entrepreneurs who supported my journey by sharing their experiences with me over the past four years.

Even though you can technically figure everything out on your own, you'll always move faster when you're surrounded by a group of like-minded people who want to see you win.

At the beginning of this email, I told you about a friend who completed the Ironman.

That friend is Jari Roomer - a writer and entrepreneur who has built an audience of over 60k followers on Medium.

Jari and I connected through Medium in 2018 and have been in touch ever since.

We met in Amsterdam years ago and now met again to cheer on him for the Ironman.

Could he have finished the Ironman without having seven friends cheering on him the entire day? Yes.

Was it easier to keep going when he saw us next to the track? YES.

Sometimes, all you need is the mental support of knowing that people are there for you.

Jari has recently joined our Write • Build • Scale Mastermind as a Client Success Manager to provide extra support to our members, so they achieve their goals even faster.

That's what Write • Build • Scale is all about: Having a support system of coaches, mentors, and peers who want to see you win.

We support you through specific workshops on your next action steps, weekly live coaching calls, and a private member-only community, but an additional aspect is that you belong to a group of people who cheer on you every step of the way. 👏

If this resonates with you, our Write • Build • Scale Membership might be a perfect fit to ensure you take the right steps over the next few months.

Reply to this email and share what your #1 goal is right now so we can chat about how we can support you. 💬

Big love from my screen to yours,

Here's a cute photo of me, Jari & Philip the day after Jari's Ironman. 🥰

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