How to build your brand by being you 🐣

published2 months ago
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I’ve been making multiple 6-figure profits by creating content online for more than three years.

Just like most creators, I didn’t build my audience or business by following a genius master plan.

It happened step by step. I even like to call them baby steps. 🐣

By creating content online, I built a brand.

Again - not on purpose.

If you publish something on the internet, you build a brand - even if you don't want to.

In fact, you also have a brand if you don't ever publish anything. Your brand is what people think about you.

And if you want to make money by sharing your ideas, experiences, or expertise online, your brand matters.

The good news is you make the rules.

If I had to start all over, I'd ignore traditional branding advice and focus on these strategies👇

Ignore Traditional Branding Advice - This Is How You Authentically Stand Out in a Noisy World

Big love from my screen to yours,

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