How to pick your niche

published2 months ago
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Over the last three years, I worked with thousands of writers and creators.

Many of them had similar goals like:

  • πŸš€ Growing an audience
  • πŸ’• Doing what they love full-time
  • πŸ’° Making more money
  • 🀝 Getting book or speaking deals
  • ✨ Or feeling great about the work they do

But nearly none knew exactly what their message was or what they really wanted to share with the world - they didn't know what niche to focus on.

As creators, we're creative minds by nature, so we usually hate feeling limited by picking a niche.

But as much as I hate to spoil the party, I have to say it: Knowing who you want to attract through your content leads to maximum visibility, profits, and peace of mind.

Without a clear picture of your ideal audience member, you'll likely end up in constantly churning out new content.

And even if you enjoy what you do, you might eventually hate how much of it you have to do to be able to pay your bills.

​If I had to start all over, I'd pick my audience based on 3 simple criteria.. πŸ‘‡β€‹

This Is How I'd Pick My Niche If I Had to Start All Over


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