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I made $500,000 writing on the internet - here's what I learned

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

Welcome to another edition of the Write • Build • Scale newsletter, where I help you grow your audience and income without constantly churning out new content or anxiously hopping on every new trend.

When I started to write online six years ago, I was desperately looking for specific, actionable advice. Granted, there's more free content available today than six years ago, but finding truly useful content still isn't easy.

I recently published a piece summarizing the 50 lessons I learned while making over $500,000 as an online writer - talking about how to get started, find your audience, and much more:

🏁 Start anyways.

If you've been following me for a while, you might know that I'm deeply passionate about newsletters.

Not only do I strongly believe that every writer/creator needs a newsletter as soon as possible, but I also love reading great newsletters first thing in the morning. (Here's how to start your first newsletter in less than 10 hours, btw. 👋)

One of the newsletters I love to read is The Tonic, and one of their recent editions really stuck with me:

I loved this because it's true for pretty much anything in life.

You don't start out being great at anything.

My writing sucked six years ago. 😅

I just got my driver's license yesterday and didn't know anything about driving back in January. 🚘

When I started to play padel tennis last year, I could barely hit a ball with the racket. 🎾

That's how life works: You start by sucking and if you practice deliberately, you might eventually not suck (so much) anymore.

Isn't that beautiful? 🦋

💪 Beat Imposter Syndrome

When we start something new, we usually feel like an imposter. We feel as if we don't belong here.

We doubt ourselves and our skills. In the worst case, we quit because we feel too insecure to continue.

Here's how you can beat Imposter Syndrome and finally build the life you want:

Big love from my screen to yours,

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