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Hey Reader,

I spent the past week on a stunning Greek island, driving private boats 🚤, eating my weight in tzatziki 🥒, and sipping at least two freddo cappuccini a day 🤌.

I might've gained a pound or two, but it was 100% worth the pleasure:

Back in the office, I replied to emails from dozens of readers yesterday, and one stood out. 👇

In one of the first emails of my free email course on how to grow your audience on Medium, I talk about how I wasted nearly 2 years before I was able to make a full-time income through my writing.

In fact, I published more than 150 articles while making an average of $6 per post (not exactly what I was hoping for 💸).

Today, I'm making 6-figure profits per year by writing on the internet, and I'm one of the go-to experts in my field.

A few days ago, a subscriber replied with a valid question about my story:

I loved the dedication and smartness of that question because, of course, you can achieve similar results faster if you skip the mistakes I (and most other creators) made.

I wasted 2 years because I didn't know how to do it better. 🤷

There hasn't been as much valuable information available on how to build your audience and income online 5 years ago as there is today.

I relied on trial and error instead. 🔁

Plus, I didn't even know what I really wanted.

I didn't have a niche.

I didn't know how to write.

I didn't know anyone who could help me.

And I'm not even a native English speaker.

Long story short: Yes, you can achieve tremendous results in your first year as a writer, but it's not easy because you have to avoid most beginner mistakes, be consistent, and take lots of right shots in a short period.

Put simply, you can't make mistakes.

🥳 BUT here comes the good news: I'll help you skip three of those mistakes today:

I'm hosting a live training with my dear friend and top Medium writer Ayodeji today to help you overcome the 3 most common mistakes almost all writers make on their journey.

We're starting at 7 pm CET - add a reminder to your calendar, so you don't miss out. 📅

I hope to see your name pop up in the chat when we go live to help you avoid those common mistakes. 🥳 (We'll also have time for a Q&A session to respond to your questions.)

Big love from my screen to yours,

🎨 PS. I recently published a piece on how to authentically stand out in our noisy world by relying on your natural talents and your energy as a creator.

Hundreds of people already told me they loved the ideas I shared, and if you hate the idea of following strict branding and business rules as a writer, you might appreciate this >>>

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