My #1 writing tip as an editor & Boost nominator on Medium

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This email is all about helping you grow your audience and income by becoming a better, more effective writer, and I'll start by sharing a brand-new video that I just released:

In this video, I talk about things like:

  • 🤔 What "great" writing really is
  • 🙁 Why "creating value" isn't enough
  • 🥴 How you SHOULDN'T use editing tools
  • And much more!

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💡 My #1 Tip as a Medium Publication Editor & Boost Nominator

I've been writing on Medium for six years and have published over 600 articles that have been read by millions of readers across the globe.

And yet, my perspective on writing and editing has changed when I started to run one of Medium's largest publications last year.

As an editor of Better Marketing, I review dozens of stories each week.

And I reject most of them because they don't meet our guidelines and quality criteria.

Even though I'm wearing different hats as a writing coach, editor, and Boost Nominator, my goal is always the same: Helping writers get their work seen.

And the #1 change I request when I review drafts is usually the same: I'll tell writers to dig deeper and go the extra mile for their readers.

When you give advice or educate, tell your reader exactly what to do.

Make it stupidly easy for them to follow your ideas.

Share clear, actionable examples.

Don't leave them alone halfway down the road.

Most content on the internet sucks because it's generic and repetitive.

If you want to stand out & have a chance to reach thousands of readers on Medium, you have to go the extra mile by being more specific, clear, and useful than most writers.

I know it's not always easy to implement tips like these - that's why I've recently been working on some exciting resources to help you become a top writer and grow your audience online.

But I want to make sure I only send those resources to writers who are interested.

If you're interested in growing your audience and income by writing online this year, reply to this email with "Writing" so I know you're interested.

This is also relevant if you're a brand-new writer with zero previous writing experience - we have special resources for you! 😊

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