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Published 2 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

Let's be honest for a minute: How much time do you waste doing things that don't move you forward?

What I mean by "moving forward" is getting you closer to the life you want.

  • 🛜 How much time do you waste on social media?
  • 😩 How much time do you waste worrying about what others might think?
  • 🤷 Or how much time do you waste "engaging" with other writers and creators because someone told you that's how you'll grow your audience?

The problem with those activities 👆 (and many more) is not just that you waste time.

You also end up wasting an immense amount of energy.

And when you finally sit down to work on your goals, you feel drained and tired because you've been so busy doing the wrong things for so long.

I've recently been talking to lots of writers because I made major updates to my signature program, Medium Writing Academy.

Some writers told me their new "strategy" includes engaging with other creators to grow their audience and income:

My current struggle is that I thought writing on Medium would be 99% about writing. After the first 6 weeks, I understand that on Medium, just like on social media, you're supposed to interact with others to get noticed... I have to admit that I enjoy writing the most when I'm doing it alone.
Sometimes, I open Medium to write, and half an hour later, I realize that I haven't written anything during that time; I've just gotten lost in an endless rabbit hole of notifications about new comments, followers, and highlights.

Uh-oh, that's a big, BIG lie and a huge problem. 🚨

Let me clear things up in case you've been thinking the same:

Writing on Medium is all about the writing.

Medium is not a social media platform.

It's a reading platform and readers pay to find great stories to read.

You're not supposed to interact with others to get noticed on Medium.

Instead, you have to:

  • Be clear about your message and the value you bring to the table ("Is this story useful?" is a great question to ask yourself if you're not sure whether you're creating value.)
  • Share your message regularly. Consistency doesn't mean publishing daily, but you want to stick to a schedule that helps you improve your craft and show up regularly.
  • Understand Medium's quality and distribution guidelines so your stories get Boosted often.
  • Create genuine relationships with your readers by building an email list and encouraging real conversations. (See what I'm doing right now? 👋)

I've been writing on Medium for 6 years.

I reached millions of readers on the platform.

And I made over $150,000 through the Partner Program.

"Engaging with other writers" is not going to help you reach more readers.

You can connect and engage with other writers to meet like-minded peers, to learn from each other, and to ask for feedback.

But it's not a growth strategy.

The only growth strategy is to write stories readers are excited to discover and read.

I'll soon share a special opportunity to help you learn how to write those stories and become an irreplaceable writer in the digital age.

Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow. 😉

In case you've been wondering about whether writing on Medium is worth it for you personally, check this out.👇

I also discuss some of the recent changes and how Boosting, publications, and stricter content rules will affect Medium writers this year.

Watch now >>>

Sending you much love from a beautiful Greek island today,

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