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Published 5 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

I was on a call with my friend Michael Thompson this morning.

He has been offline recently and is currently planning his "comeback" newsletter strategy.

Before the call, he sent me a 24 (!!) page document with his ideas for the newsletter.

After talking about a few different options, I shared the link to a newsletter I've been enjoying lately because I thought the format might be interesting for Mike too.

An hour after we hung up, he sent me this message:

Mike has been writing online for years.

He published hundreds of articles online.

He has thousands of followers, subscribers, and fans who tell him they love his work.

And yet, he's overthinking.

If you recently found yourself overthinking certain decisions in your journey as a writer, I'm here to say it's part of the journey.

Even though it's smart to keep things simple, doing that isn't always as *simple* as it sounds, and we're prone to end up in analysis paralysis.

You might be overthinking because you genuinely care about what you create. Or because you want to do your best work.

And that's okay - you should care.

But sometimes, we need to push ourselves past our comfort zone, choose simple alternatives, and just do it.

If you've been stuck writing your first or next post/article/story, this might help you move forward:

🎬 3 Strategies Pro Writers Use to Grow on Medium in 2023 and Beyond

Talking about simple strategies.. I'm hosting a live conversation with my friend Zulie Rane next week to chat about how to use Medium's most recent changes to your advantage and grow your audience and business on the platform:

Zulie and I have been writing on Medium for over five years.

We're two of the platform's most-read authors.

We've built multi 6-figure businesses thanks to our writing.

We're editing one of the largest publications, and we have the honor of being Boost nominators to highlight great writing on the platform.

In next week's workshop, we'll dig into our first-hand experiences to help you make the most of Medium for your writing career.

📅 Add the event to your calendar now so you don't miss out.

Big love from my screen to yours,

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