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Happy Friday, Reader!

Normally, you receive my newsletter on Thursdays but this week's email wasn't ready yet, so you're receiving it now.

You might think I'm weird for sharing this because you don't care when exactly you receive my emails as long as you enjoy reading them.

But I have a different message here: The beauty of being a creator/writer is that you make the rules.

I love my job (getting paid to type words on my computer is pretty cool), but there are a gazillion things that I love much more.

If I have to decide between going on a hike, playing board games, dancing to Taylor Swift songs, sipping iced coffee on a Greek island, or staring at my computer screen, I'll choose the option without the screen. 😆 ⛰️ 🎲 🪩 🇬🇷

I started to write because I wanted freedom.

I worked my ass off to build my audience, business, and income in the first year, but now I'm all about working smarter, not harder.

I take breaks and get back to work without feeling guilty.

Despite being a full-time writer,I sometimes go without publishing new content for months.

When I'm ready to get back to a consistent routine, I do it without judging myself.

If you've ever struggled to get back to your writing routine after a long pause, this might help:

🥜 Your content should be addictive (like M&Ms)

If you want to build an audience, your content has to be easy to digest.

People are busy, so your writing has to be clean and clear.

Nobody will read your intro sentence three times to understand what you're trying to say.

Your content has to be addictive (in a positive sense).

Here's what I mean: Did you ever eat just one peanut and stop?

Or one piece of Pringles? One cookie? One M&M?

NO, right?! Nobody has that kind of willpower, lol.

(Let me know if you do - I'd love to know what your secret is!)

You don't just eat one M&M. You eat the next, and the next, and the next one. And before you know it, the whole bag is empty.

That's what your writing should feel like: After each sentence, your reader should desperately want to read the next sentence! 📝

Even if your writing is deep and meaningful, you want it to be "snackable" to ensure your reader doesn't get bored.

Want more ideas to improve your writing?

Grab my cheatsheet with 15 tips to instantly write better content. ✨

🥂 The BEST Medium news *ever*?!

I published my first story on Medium in 2018.

Six years later, it's still the only platform I write on.

My writing has reached millions of readers and generated six figures in earnings through Medium's Partner Program.

I'm proud to say Medium is the backbone of my entire business for several reasons:

🎉 Medium is an ad-free platform, which means there are no distractions for readers.

🎉 Readers pay to read on Medium. This means you can dive deep into your ideas and write long stories! You don't have to cut yourself short and beg for attention by publishing 15 pieces of content daily. Quality beats quantity on Medium.

🎉 The Partner Program makes it stupidly easy to monetize your writing - even if you're a brand-new writer, have no idea about marketing, and are just getting started.

But like every platform, Medium has its own challenges. One of them has been the sheer number of AI generated content and spam by people who try to game the system and make quick money.

According to a recent announcement, this won't be possible anymore:

We will revoke Partner Program enrollment from writers that publish spam, fraud, AI-generated stories, and other low-quality content that demonstrates clear misalignment with our mission.

And we’re proud to protect the community from this kind of behavior.

This might be the most exciting Medium announcement I've seen in years because it means:

🩵 Less spam
🩵 More high-quality content
🩵 More attention for writers who genuinely care about the work they do!

This shows, once again, that Medium is the best writing platform for those who care about their message and the craft of writing.

Writing on Medium is not a get-rich-quick scheme. There's no "hack" to make a lot of money quickly.

It's an amazing platform that helps writers share their message with millions of readers each month.

If you're brand-new to Medium, check out my Beginner's Guide to get started. 📝

Big love from my screen to yours,

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