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This is how you create Growth Loops 🔁

Published 3 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

Let's start this week's email with a harsh truth: Most writers and creators fail to capture and keep attention because they share what they want to share, ignoring the needs and desires of their target audience. ❌

If you want to turn strangers into readers and readers into subscribers or customers, you need to anticipate and address their objections. ✅

This is particularly relevant when writing copy (emails, sales pages,..), but it starts with your content.

If your content is as irrelevant as the waiter’s beer, people won’t pay attention - no matter how delicious, cold, and affordable your beer is.

It’s the wrong message, at the wrong place, at the wrong time. 🍻

🔁 Stop working so hard. Create flywheels instead.

If you've been following my work for a while, you might know that I'm all about being intentional when creating content online.

Sure, that's easier when you know what you're doing and already have an established audience/business.

But it's also a way of looking at this whole game from a different perspective - regardless of where you're at right now. 🎲

I hate the idea of constantly churning out new content.

That's probably why I couldn't convince myself to publish on short-form platforms like Twitter/X yet.

I prefer to create longer form content and publish my work on Medium because it allows me to reach thousands of curious readers while only publishing 2-3 pieces a month.

I like to be careful about what I create so I can leverage my efforts and make the most of every piece of content I publish.

I recently wrote an article to explain in detail how I'm using different topics and opportunities to my advantage:

✍️ Make more money as a writer.

I don't like people who say, mindset is everything because, let's be honest: It's not.

Even the best mindset won't take you very far if you don't do the damn work to achieve your goals.

BUT mindset matters.

I see so many writers failing to achieve their financial goals because of their mindset and how they treat their work.

👉 Here are 6 subtle yet powerful mindset shifts that'll help you make more money as a writer. 💸

🚀 Build growth loops

I've recently been connecting with brilliant creators to chat about how we can support each other and form meaningful partnerships.

One of them is Adriana Tica, creator of the Ideas to Power Your Future newsletter.

If you want to build a relevant audience without spending ages on social media, you'll love Adriana's Audience Accelerator eBook, which you receive for free as a subscriber. 📙

👉 Learn how to grow an audience that’s ready to click, engage, and buy. Zero fluff, just actionable insights on building self-feeding growth loops.

When you receive this email, I might be sipping a delicious cocktail by the beach in Cyprus. 🇨🇾 ☀️

I'll be out of office for a few days to soak up some sunshine, enjoy great food, and go on stunning hikes.

I have to admit I've been too busy to plan the trip in detail though, so if you've been to Cyprus before and have tips on what to see, do, or eat, hit reply and let me know - I love personal travel recommendations! 😄

Big love from my screen to yours,

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