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Published 2 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

it's been over two weeks since I sent a regular email, which is a no-go for most content creation and online business gurus.

And it makes sense because consistency does matter.

But you know what matters too but is rarely mentioned?

Listening to your body and mind.

As a creator/writer/expert/coach, you can't deliver your best work when you feel exhausted.

That's why I haven't written a newsletter in over 15 days.

I spent the last month supporting our students inside the Medium Writing Academy.

With more than 90 members, we just wrapped up our largest cohort ever, and the feedback we received is phenomenal:

Since we received these kinds of messages day after day, I knew that my time and energy were best spent serving our students instead of creating new content (or writing newsletters 😶).

In a perfect, productivity-driven world, I'd be able to do all those things at the same time: Running a live cohort, supporting dozens of writers through personal feedback, publishing new content, and sending weekly newsletters.

But that's not how life works (at least, it's not how I work).

In reality, running the cohort requested so much of my work time and energy that I spent any extra time recharging, taking care of myself, and having fun, so here's all the random life stuff I've been up to lately:

  • I made (and ate) cookies (LOTS of them) and hosted a cozy Christmas party with my favorite people. 🎄🍪
  • I spent some extra time with my little sister: We tried at-home pottery, went bowling, and watched Disney's "Wish" (cute but not phenomenal imo). 🎳🌟
  • I went to every Taylor Swift party I could get tickets for, traded loads of friendship bracelets, and watched the Eras Tour movie for Taylor's birthday. Oh, and I got the largest Taylor-branded popcorn bucket and both branded cups they had. (I'm a new Swiftie, so you can easily sell me on all things Taylor-related right now.) 🥳

Even though I had the time of my life being in my Swiftie era recently (pun intended), I'll take some time away from my computer for the holidays.

Partly because I have so many more friendship bracelets to make, but mostly because 2023 has been a huge personal challenge, and I need some extra time to recharge.

In case things look different for you and you want to spend the last few days of the year productively, I prepared a list of resources that might be useful:

That's it, my friend. I hope you'll enjoy a peaceful end of the year.

I'll be back in your inbox with a revamped version of the Write • Build • Scale newsletter in January.

Take care. ❤️

Big love from my screen to yours,

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